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How To Create An Outstanding Graphic Design Portfolio

To be hired as a graphic designer you need to have an outstanding portfolio.

Regardless how much experience you have (which of course helps), it’s elementary that you have a portfolio that stands out within the world of graphic design.

Alongside my illustration portfolio, I’ve been working hard on creating a design portfolio which showcases my design services; from logo design, website design to branding.

I’ve worked hard to create a portfolio that I’m happy with, which I’m constantly developing and improving.

As a result of this hard work and dedication, I thought it would be useful to share my thoughts and advice for those of you who are thinking about creating a graphic design portfolio, or those of you who want help to create a better portfolio of work.

Within this blog post you will learn how to create an outstanding graphic design portfolio. You will learn how to create a portfolio that stands out and helps you capture more clients, more commissions and more work solely from your portfolio.

These tips and tricks will help you secure more freelance work (if you’re looking for more clients), but it will also help you if you’re looking for full time employment in the design industry. These tips are also appropriate for those of you who want to improve your online and offline portfolios.

An outstanding graphic design portfolio sells itself, and is one way to almost guarantee work. Couple this with experience in the field and you’re onto a real winner!

So what’s my first tip to help you create an outstanding graphic design portfolio?

Concentrate On The Design

Creating an outstanding well-designed graphic design portfolio is the difference between success and failure.

If you visit a good Graphic Designer’s website, it probably will be focused on their work.

A strong portfolio also showcases experience and social proof, but the number one thing people focus on is your work and how it’s designed.

When creating your portfolio, you need to ensure that you design it excellently.

Rebranding Designs

This might sound obvious, but people will judge your portfolio on how it’s designed (as this is the expertise you’re saying you’re an expert in).

You need to consider the design of your portfolio and if it gives a good impression of your design skills. Things to think about include:

Layout (is it going to be portrait or landscape?)
– Branding and styling
– Typography
– Pieces of design to show first and last
– Clean, easy to view and engaging

If you have poorly designed portfolio, you’re not going to sell yourself well as a graphic designer. They both have to work in unison.

This is your shopfront and your selling tool.

It’s like going to a high-street shop and you notice the products are great, but the shop itself is terribly laid out. This doesn’t encourage you to buy their products, and you’ll become frustrated and most probably leave.

This is the same when you come to designing your portfolio. Make it easy to use, design it with care and remove gimmicks. Your portfolio is your shop front which should encourage others to use your services.

Showcase your experience

One of my top tips for achieving that killer graphic design portfolio is to showcase the clients you have worked with.

If you have worked with big brands or recognised companies, this can give your portfolio a massive boost (which you should utilise!).

Potential clients can gauge that you are experience in the field and can trust you if they hire you.

National Museums Liverpool Poster Design

Hiring a graphic designer (whether freelance or full time), is all about trust, which you can instill within their thinking with social proof. Showcasing that you have worked with clients in the past can give credibility to your whole portfolio.

Make sure that you showcase your client work first, as this will encourage other clients to work with you. Personal projects are also important, but I would always recommend putting client projects first.

If you haven’t worked with any clients before, the next tip is for you.

Start with a bang, end with a lasting memory

When designing your graphic design portfolio make sure that you’re putting your best work at the start and best work at the end of you portfolio.

First impressions count, and you want to make sure that you “wow” your audience with a great first impression. This tactic also allows you to leave them with a good lasting memory of your work too – they are just as important as each other.

If you haven’t worked for any clients before, this is a great opportunity to showcase your personal projects, by featuring the themes and topics that interest you – for me it’s maps!

Show processes, ideas and development

To create a strong graphic design portfolio you need to focus and concentrate on your ideas.

This is what really sets you apart from the crowd. I believe that anyone can learn skills such as the Adobe Creative Suite, but not everyone can think of those amazing ideas.

Digital Logo Development

Making something look amazing from an appearance and ‘face value’ point of view is important too, but it’s all about balance. Give your readers a good understanding of how you arrived at your finished work.

What ideas did you come up? What ideas did you think of beforehand?

Showcase these difference concepts and promote what makes you special: your inner creativity.

Keep it clean and simple

Keep your portfolio clean and simple. Clean design is really ‘in’ at the moment, and for good reason!

Clean design works allows the viewer to focus on your design work, and not become distracted by anything else. I recommend you use Adobe InDesign to create your graphic design portfolio, as it’s simple to use and a piece of software to create a stunning portfolio.

A great PDF which solely focuses on your work and nothing else is what you want to concentrate on. People are interested in your work, and want to access it as easily as possible.

You can include your own logo, brand colours to a typeface that perfectly represents you and your services. I can’t value this program enough (and the whole Creative Suite in general).

Create A Graphic Design Portfolio Of Your Dreams!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post guys!

Do let me know what you think about it on the comment section below, as I love to hear from you and see what you think.

Designing a magic graphic design portfolio isn’t the easiest of tasks which can take a lot of effort and time. However it can work wonders if you create an outstanding portfolio.

When designing your portfolio, design it well, put your best work first and last, include some social proof, and keep it clean and simple.

If you’re unfamiliar with my blog, I publish regular content on design, illustration and how-to guides to help you succeed. Check out my previous blog posts to learn how to draw, or discover the different colour combinations that artistic masters have used in the past.

Cheers for reading this article to help you create an outstanding graphic design portfolio guys, and I look forward to seeing you on the next blog post!

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