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https://www.haydnsymons.com/blog/freelance-illustrator-for-hire/ Haydn Symons: Freelance Illustrator For Hire in Hampshire English Are you looking for a freelance illustrator for hire in Hampshire? I’ve been a freelance illustrator and designer for over ten years, offering a variety of different creative services. From illustrated maps, landscape illustrations, to editorial, working with a number... https://www.haydnsymons.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/freelance_illustrator_for_hire.png 2023-02-23

Haydn Symons: Freelance Illustrator For Hire in Hampshire

Are you looking for a freelance illustrator for hire in Hampshire? I’ve been a freelance illustrator and designer for over ten years, offering a variety of different creative services. From illustrated maps, landscape illustrations, to editorial, working with a number of different customers and requirements.

Within today’s post you will discover my creative services as a freelance illustrator for hire in Hampshire. I’ll go into what I offer to clients within the editorial, publishing and advertising sector.

If you’re searching for a freelance illustrator for hire in Hampshire and you want a professional style and impeccable service too, you’ve come to the right place! I’m passionate about my craft, creating bespoke illustration solutions for worldwide customers. But let’s begin with an introduction…

About me and my illustration work

I’m a freelance illustrator, designer and artist currently based in Hampshire. On top of offering illustration services, I also offer graphic design services like business card design, website design, to logo design. It’s a passion as well as my illustration work. Painting has always been inspiring to me, using gouache to form most of my artworks. As a result, I also offer fine art services like canvas art, landscape paintings to portraits.

I believe it’s this versatile approach that makes me different from the rest. Having graduated from Falmouth University back in 2013, my work and clientele has gone from strength to strength.

Wedding Illustration

My illustration style is warm, friendly, and eye-catching, using traditional practices and digital enhancements to form my artwork.

I’ve worked with a mixture of great clients, including National Museums Liverpool to Mary Christie Magazine. I work with my clients closely which ensures my illustration work always hits the spot.

I’ve always had an intense passion for art and design, and have drawn from an early age.

You can find me drawing or painting in the studio, working digitally within the Adobe Creative Suite, or away from art – surfing, running or watching my beloved football team, Newcastle United FC.

My Usual Way Of Illustrating

Once I’m commissioned I always find out exactly what the client wants.

This is in the form of a creative brief or initial discussions with the client. In depth discussions gives me the opportunity to help the client with my creative insight.

A crucial stage of the creative process, I find out exactly what the client wants so I can deliver an amazing illustration. Starting the project in my sketchbook or layout paper, I draw, sketch and brainstorm to help me think of creative concepts and ideas (depending on the type of commission).

Magazine Cover Illustration Colour Sketches

Magazine Cover Illustration

From here, I create thumbnail sketches to work out the illustration’s composition, that’s then sent to the client. These black and white sketches give an initial idea to how the illustration will look. Once approved by the client, I then produce colour sketches, and once approved, illustrate or design the final artwork.

Using watercolour and gouache, I paint and edit digitally to form my illustrations. Mainly using the Adobe Creative Suite to create my design work.

My painting background

I first got into painting when I was at Secondary School (roughly aged 13), and loved and hated it at the same time. I loved it because you can be so creative with it, and turn a blank piece of paper into a work of art filled with colour.

However, I also hated it because of how difficult it was. With practice and experience, painting has got a lot easier, and my skill has drastically improved (it’ll be concerning if it hadn’t!). I’ve taken all of this experience with me and form most of my illustrations with traditional paint – usually painting with gouache (and sometimes watercolour). This results in a lovely matte, colourful and warm finish, that suits my style completely.

I usually paint onto thick watercolour card, and scan the final painting into Adobe Photoshop to edit. This is usually a thorough process, as my clients are looking for the best illustrators for hire – and I need to go above and beyond for them to create stunning illustrations.

Not only to please them, but also to please myself with the standard of my illustrations. They need to be the best they can be, so editing is a major part of the process. This can sometimes take just as long as painting, if not longer. I edit everything; from saturation, my painting marks and correcting errors.

Once I’ve finished, I send to the client in the image format they require. If they request changes (which is why I and most other professional illustrators produce roughs – to eliminate this from happening), I’ll do these and then the commission is complete! Resulting in happy clients, customers, and a happy Haydn (that sounded so cheesy)!

Clients Who Have Commission Me

I’ve worked with great clients over the years of being a freelance illustrator, including:

  • UK Scouts
  • National Museums Liverpool
  • The Clerkenwell Post
  • The Londonist
  • NATO
  • Bloomsbury

I’ve built a reputation for creating high quality work, and priding myself to always stick to tight deadlines. My standard of work is second to none, and I always bring my creativity to the table.

Londonist Drinks - Map Illustration

If you would like to commission me for a illustration or design project, get in contact with me via my Contact page.

So what are the three main illustration services that I can offer as a freelance illustrator for hire in Hampshire?

Editorial Illustration

The first service I can offer is editorial illustration. Like I was saying previously, my style of illustration is well suited for editorial illustration.

I’m passionate and experienced with creating unique ideas and concepts that works within any editorial environment.

Using a mixture of gouache, watercolour, which is then digital enhanced, I offer a unique style of illustration.

I can make any editorial publication stand out and have worked with a handful of well-known clients in the last few years.

Editorial Illustration Editorial Illustration

Including front cover and internal illustrations in magazines and newspapers, my clients include The Clerkenwell Post, The Londonist to Mary Christie Foundation.

I go about editorial commissions like every other illustration commission I get through the door, starting in my sketchbook. This is the place were I think and write my ideas onto paper. Helping me think and develop ideas to it absolute potential, as I believe the sketchbook (or layout paper) is the number one place to develop ideas before sending them to the client.

I love this process and getting to the nitty-gritty of a project, and pulling an idea apart.

Publishing Illustration

The next service that I can offer as an illustrator is publishing illustration.

I have worked with many publishers in my experience of being illustrator, and it’s one of the most rewarding things to be a part of.

Commissions and projects that I’ve worked on include book cover illustrations, internal book illustrations to online publications, with effective illustration at it’s core.

I’ve worked with clients such as Bloomsbury, Outwest Publication to book cover illustrations.

I use my experience to make the reader sit up and take notice of both the text and illustration within each spread.

Publishing Illustration Publishing Illustration

As a result of this, my illustrations have recently been featured within Alan Male’s new book ‘The Power and Influence of Illustration’, which discusses the subject of illustration. Published by Bloomsbury, the book showcases my collaborative project with Mat Klicz, revealing our Animal Farm project. Illustrating and designing currency and animal farm characters based on George Orwell’s novel.

My illustration style is bold, colourful, and warm, so if you’re looking for publishing illustrator or I’m searching for a freelance illustrator for hire, get in contact to start your publishing project now!

Portrait Illustration

Alongside these two illustration industries that I’m passionate and inspired by, I also offer portrait illustration as a service.

I’ve always been drawn (no pun intended) to portrait illustration, as I love depicting someone’s face in one image. It’s the challenge of getting one’s face correct that makes it so exciting!

Portrait Illustration Portrait Illustration

Illustrating the likes of Breaking Bad characters to The Walking Dead characters (there’s a theme here), my illustration style is perfect for portrait illustration.

I use my traditional style of illustration to come up with modern looking portraits. If you would like to see more of my portrait illustration services, do head on over to my portfolio page!

Other Creative Services: Design To Fine Art

Alongside illustration, I also offer design to fine art services.

I’ve worked with numerous clients and commissions on business card design, website design to branding. My design style is clean, modern and unique, using fundamental design practices to ensure my designs are deliver.

Logo Design Using The Golden RatioLogo Design Using The Golden RatioHampshire Landscape Painting

Ideas makes great design, with ‘how it looks’ coming second. Great ideas make people sit up and take notice. Of course, the way it looks is important, but ideas are memorable.

Mainly painting portraits and landscapes, my fine art work is a main passion as well.

Fortunately my illustration style fuels this field of fine art, having painted Tenby landscapes to Spanish landscapes for private customers in the past. Take a look at my art and design shop, filled to the brim with different products for your walls at home or as a gift.

Personal & Sketchbook Drawings

My sketchbook and personal work is my place to experiment, away from commissioned work.

I love drawing, in particular life drawing and portraiture, which in turn, helps my illustration work.

Dimension DJ Eleven Stranger Things Drawing

My sketchbook is the place for me to practice my craft, and is something that I do everyday. From sketchbook updates whilst I was traveling, to my expressive drawings, it’s eye-opening to see how this positively impacts my illustration work.

Freelance Illustrator For Hire in Hampshire

Warm, friendly and unique style has all come about from my years of experience and constantly working on my illustration style.

I usually work with water based paints of goauche and watercolour, and use this traditional medium with combination of digital elements. It’s this combination that allows me to offer a handmade and digital feel all the same image.

Moving away from these three services illustration I can also help you with, I also offer design services too. From website design, logo design to typographic illustration, I have the skills you need to make your project a success.

If you have a project or design that you want to make standout, do get in contact with me on my contact page.

I’m a freelance illustrator for hire in Hampshire, and can help you with your creative project you have in the pipeline. I go above and beyond to help you succeed. You can check out my illustration portfolio over on my homepage which also includes my design services too.

If you liked this blog post

If you like what you see, I’ll love to hear from you, so give me the heads up about your creative project today.

I’m a freelance illustrator for hire in Hampshire, United Kingdom, and I offer of publishing, editorial to advertising illustration. I’ve worked with many well-known clients such as Clerkenwell Post, Mary Christie Foundation to The Londonist illustrations.

Many thanks guys and I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Write me a comment below with your thoughts, what you think about this post or if you have a project that you want help with. I would love to hear from you and see how I can help!

Cheers and see you on the next post!

Many thanks for listening and visiting my news page today. You can follow what I’m up to on my Twitter or Facebook, I’ll really appreciate it if you do, and don’t be afraid to say hi to me! Many thanks again, and have a great day!

Haydn Symons: Freelance Illustrator For Hire in Hampshire

Haydn Symons

Freelance Illustrator Haydn Symons - Freelance Illustrator For Hire
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