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https://www.haydnsymons.com/blog/travel-sketchbook-art/ Travel Sketchbook Art: August – September 2018 English After what seemed to go by extremely quickly, I am now back in the UK from my year long travels with my younger brother – and what an experience it has been! Cannot believe a year has passed, starting in... https://www.haydnsymons.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/sketchbook-art.jpg 2023-10-12

Travel Sketchbook Art: August – September 2018

After what seemed to go by extremely quickly, I am now back in the UK from my year long travels with my younger brother – and what an experience it has been!

Cannot believe a year has passed, starting in Thailand, traveling to Laos, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Singapore, Cambodia and ending up in India!

We have seen so many incredible sights, been to a ton of airports (more than 15 in the past year), and have experienced skydiving, seen the Great Barrier Reef and managed to do some sketchbook drawing along the way too!

New Zealand and Hong Kong are my personal favourites!

Travel was always something that I’ve wanted to do, but now is the time to get settled back into ‘reality’ again, and become a big star in the world of illustration (why not eh?)!

However traveling will never really stop, as I need to organise my next travel trip – whenever that may be (money dictates)! It was good to have a good break and recharge those batteries!

I’m really looking forward to getting back into my illustration and design work again, and I have a renewed sense of motivation, inspiration, and lots of personal projects that I want to produce.

Particularly illustrated map ideas from my travels!

Fortunately I have some commissioned work on the horizon, that I can get my teeth into soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

For now, I want to share some sketchbook art that I produced within August – September 2018, the final month of travel. Here you can see sketchbook art of the various countries that I visited during this time – Singapore, Cambodia and India.

Singapore was remarkably clean, had lots to do and I loved the gardens there. Cambodia had lovely friendly people, amazing temples and was pretty damn hot (about 35 degrees!). India…was just India: CRAZY! But was well worth the visit to see the impeccable Taj Mahal.

Below you can see portrait sketchbook art, various landscape artwork (that I love producing), and the odd airplane drawing of certain passengers. I love sketching, and try and make it a daily habit!

If you happen to be new to my work, do check out my illustration portfolio, see the other posts on this blog, or simply connect with my on the social media links below!

Many thanks for listening and visiting my news page today. You can follow what I’m up to on my Twitter, Facebook or Google + pages, I’ll really appreciate it if you do, and don’t be afraid to say hi to me! Many thanks again, and have a great day!

Airplane Art

Airplane Passenger

Airport Sketch

Auckland Drawing

Beach Art


Bedroom Drawing

Campervan Drawing

Coffee Drawing

Hand Studies

Jamiroquai Drawing

Landscape Art

New Zealand

Portrait Art


Tree Studies

Travel Sketchbook Art: August – September 2018

Haydn Symons

Freelance Illustrator Haydn Symons - Freelance Illustrator For Hire
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