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Resources for all types of creatives

Art materials, essential software to must-have books

These resources are the tools, pieces of software and books that Haydn uses to create and aid his illustration and design work. These resources are items which Haydn personally uses, some being used daily and others weekly / monthly. Haydn only lists the tools that he is happy to use himself, which he believes can boost your artistic, professional and personal journey. He only recommends items that can benefit you.

Not all of these resources below are art tools, as he has included non-artistic books and pieces of marketing software. As a note, some of these resources listed below are affiliate links, which means Haydn will receive a small commission if you decide to purchase from these links. This will be at no extra cost to you. Enjoy!

Illustration & Artistic Tools

Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe has been around since 1982, and the Adobe Creative Suite has all the tools you need to be a successful illustrator, designer or creative. From Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, to Haydn’s favourite of Adobe Photoshop, maximise your creativity with this Suite. The Suite also includes tools like Adobe XD which is a great up and coming piece of software.

Sketch App

The Sketch app is a web designer’s dream, as it’s such a powerful piece of software. If
you find yourself working on digital designs and website design often, Sketch app by
Bohemian Coding is for you.


Haydn’s webite is powered by WordPress. It’s a brilliant
content management system, which has been around
for years. Haydn highly recommends this easy to use
platform to promote your content.


Mailchimp gives you the power to send newsletters, direct mail to automated emails to your audience, straight to their inbox! They are the main say in email marketing, and offer a free account too.

Color and Light by James Gurney

If you’re a keen painter, illustrator or drawer, this book
is for you! Learn about colour in a way you have never learnt before. It’s a brilliant book that Haydn loves refer-
ring back to, and is not just for realist painters either!

Thinking With Type by Ellen Lupton

Using typography isn’t easy, and takes practice to use
it correctly. However this book by Ellen Lupton breaks
down how to use type correctly, mistakes to avoid, and
will become one of your favourites on your bookshelf.

Winsor & Newton Gouache Paints

Haydn’s illustration style is mainly produced with gouache, and these paints are mostly used for Haydn’s illustrative projects. Winsor & Newton sell premium, durable and dependable products. Haydn recommends these to help your painting’s sparkle.

Royal and Langnickel Brush Set

Haydn brought this gouache brush set a number of years ago, and is still going strong today! Using them with gouache and watercolour mainly to form his illustrations, this brush set can also be used with acrylic too – perfect for any fine artist.