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Extreme Sports Illustrations

Guest Blog Post Submissions &
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Guest Blog Post Submissions

Thanks for your interest in writing a guest blog post for Haydn’s illustration, design and business blog. Haydn writes about the world of freelancing, illustration, to design, with many other themes overlapping these (like fine art for example). Haydn has built a trusted, reliable and strong readership from his blog, and this continues to rise.

In order for you to be successful in your guest blog post submission, you must satisfy these requirements:

  • The topic of your blog post must be about Haydn’s niche. This includes illustration, art, freelancing, fine art, design, design software, drawing, painting (and everything in between).
  • Your blog post must help the user, and be a helpful resource to them. Think of ‘How Tos’ as the prime example of a great article.
  • Is plagiarism free?
  • The blog post is over 750+ words, 1500+ is ideal.
  • Spelling and grammar checked, written in English.
  • You will need to supply 4-5 images to bring the blog post to life.

A good few popular blog posts to base your submission of, firstly includes top art tools that I use to create my artworks, secondly, how to use the baseline grid within your designs, and finally, how to create the rule of thirds. As you can see from these blog posts, they all match the criteria above.

Finally, if you satisfy all of these requirements (and we hope you do, we’ll love to hear your content suggestions), then please do get in touch with me over on my Contact Us page.

Sponsored Links

Firstly, thanks for visiting Haydn’s website and your interest! Thinking about enquiring about a sponsored link within Haydn’s illustration portfolio, design, and freelancing/business blog? Haydn has built a successful and trustworthy blog, so as a result, careful consideration goes into every sponsored link request to ensure high standards throughout. To ensure a successful sponsored link request, make sure you satisfy these requirements:

  • The website that you want Haydn to link to relates to Haydn’s main content – as stated above. Haydn will decline any other niches or industries.
  • No illegal, spammy, or harmful websites.
  • Your website of choice must be in English and must link to a real organisation, company, or individual.

In short, If you satisfy all of these requirements above for your blog post sponsored link, then subsequently please do get in touch with me over on my Contact Us page.

Many thanks for your interest!