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David Moyes Perception of English Football

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I was asked by Joe Devine, one of the co-creators of ‘The Illustrated Game’, if I could produce another illustration for their online publication, which was a very enjoyable illustration. If you don’t know what The Illustrated Game is, it’s showcases football illustrations, often mixed with humour and a lot of fun piled into one! For my illustration I produced an illustrated map of ‘David Moyes Perception of English Football’, as Manchester United are not doing too great at the moment, and wanted to react towards this within a map! I choose the top 6 teams at the moment in English Premiership Football, and included this within the map, teams like Manchester City, Liverpool, Newcastle, Chelsea and Arsenal. Instead of just painting the stadiums and putting this onto the map, I wanted to play with the idea of David’s perception of particular teams, like ‘Hell’ for Manchester City, ‘The Daemon’ for Chelsea, and ‘Ah, The Bird’s’ for Newcastle. I haven’t really produced a tongue and cheek illustrated map like this before, and really enjoyed thinking of how I can use my imagination for each team which I featured. Below you can also see my sketchbook developments, including the hand rendered type which I transported into the illustration. I think this makes me want to produce more humorous and imaginative maps, as it’s totally different to that of normal illustrated maps which I’ve produced before. It was a real pleasure to work on this illustration!

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David Moyes Perception of English Football Sketchbook

David Moyes Perception of English Football