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How To Cope With This Frustrating Freelancer Rejection

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A lot of freelancers can relate to this. You construct that perfect email to hopefully secure that commission, you ring that potential customer, you even meet with them in person after a networking event to showcase what you do…but instead of success, you receive the classic “I’ll put you on file” response. Whether you’re a...

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3 Tips To Champion Self-Belief As A Freelancer

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Self-belief is the most important aspect of being a freelancer. There, I said it. Let me explain; With freelancing, most of the time it’s only you that makes things happen. You are an individual, and you need every bit of self-belief to make sure you don’t give up. Especially if you work from home, and...

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5 Habits That Can Be Ruining Your Creative Career (And How To Solve Them)

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Are you a creative? Do you desire a successful creative career? Following from my previous blog post about self belief, and why it’s important for any freelancer, creative or business owner, I wanted to touch on the numerous ways you can be ruining your creative career… Sorry to be blunt, but it’s true! (As I...

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