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New Illustrated Map Of Singapore

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Hello hello! I hope you’re having a great day today! I’ve been busy illustrating new poster designs recently, writing my monthly blog post on how to create a professional illustration website, and also illustrating this new illustrated map of Singapore.

I’ve always had a huge passion for illustrated maps, producing maps of Paris, Brussels, all the way through to San Francisco – one of my favourite cities.

It’s a passion which only really caught my eye a few years ago, that I think my style works well with. I love creating maps that the viewer can learn, discover and use themselves when they’re visiting a particular city.

How This Illustrated Map Of Singapore Developed

I wanted this illustrated map to be a bit different than my previous maps, and include more ‘illustrated’ elements to the piece, from figures, trees to the odd boat.

Working within my sketchbook that you can see below, I started by quickly sketching the composition for this illustrated map, working out where all the buildings and attractions sit within the city. This is a very fast process by quickly sketching ideas onto paper.

I decided to base the illustration on 6 key attractions, from the Singapore Cable Cars, Marina Bay Sands, to Merlion Park.

Once I was happy with the overall composition and colour of the illustrated map, I began to tackle the illustrated map with gouache and watercolour. This is part of the process that I’ve developed and practice a lot over time, which I really enjoy. If you take a quick look at my illustration portfolio, you can see I regularly use gouache and watercolour within my illustration style.

From here, I scanned this into Photoshop for editing, tidying everything up. This process takes time, and sometimes takes even longer than producing the original gouache painting. As a lot of errors occur when painting (things not being straight to messy areas), I edit this so it looks better on the eye.

I’m really happy with how this illustrated map turned out, that includes bold colours, crisp details and showcasing all the tourist attractions of the great city!

If you would like to see this illustration within my portfolio, do take a look – it’s brand new! Let me know what you think of this illustrated map by commenting below, I’ll love to hear what you think!

Many thanks for listening and visiting my news page today. You can follow what I’m up to on my Twitter, Facebook or Google + pages, I’ll really appreciate it if you do, and don’t be afraid to say hi to me! Many thanks again, and have a great day!

Singapore Illustrated Map Sketchbook

Singapore Illustrated Map Sketchbook

Singapore Illustrated Map

Singapore Illustrated Map

Singapore Illustrated Map

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